A walk into the doors of Codifica is an easy indicator of what we’re about. It’s simple. We love coding, and we love coffee. We believe the best way to combine our interests is by turning caffeine into beautiful software. Codifica aims to provide the ideal hackerspace for anyone with an artistic mind, creating a close-knit community in the process.

Our weekly events promote a welcoming environment for those eager to learn and grow. We try to make them as accessible as possible through our accepting culture.

Show us what you’re working on. If we’re impressed, the next cup’s on us.”



Open Source Night

A night of pure open-source contributions, held every other Tuesday of the month. Invite your friends, improve existing software.

Fork It Ship It

One of our more high energy events, held every other Thursday of the month. The goal is to ship code by the end of the night.

Open Brew

An install fest that aims to familiarize users with various package managers - pip, gem, npm, and apt-get. Held on the first Monday of every month.

Upcoming Tech Talks

Tech talks occur from 7-9 PM during Fork It Ship Its.

  • Vimprove Yourself - by Aman Agarwal
  • How to Present Your Product - by Calvin Chan
  • Your Website Sucks - by James Wu
  • Your Website is Awesome - by Kenny Shi
  • On Traveling - by Daniel Duan
  • How to Get Good - by Jeffrey Wang

Providing caffeine as a service since 1969.”
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